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Caroline came to me (another referral) in the early days of her business so things have been carefully monitored ever since.

We provide a comprehensive monthly bookkeeping service including personal tax return preparation for Caroline, together with some simple management accounts to let Caroline see how things are progressing throughout the year – this helps ensure there are no surprises at the end of the year.

Cherfold Flowers CarolineThe Result

“Cherfold Cottage Flowers has grown from strength to strength in the three and a half years that it has been around. What started as a few pennies in a tin outside my gate, has grown into a thriving local business supplying flowers for weddings, events and special occasions. The help of ‘Love The Books’ (Adams Bookkeeping) has been invaluable in allowing me to concentrate on the parts of the business that I do best. Accounts and bookkeeping is not one of those things(!). The girls have held my hand and provided friendly and accessible support all the way.”

– Caroline, Cherfold Cottage Flowers

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